This is the ultimate camera platform. Fitted with twin Suzuki 60hp four stroke outboards she is fast and stable ensuring a very smooth ride, low noise, low vibration and excellent fuel economy. It has a large flat deck space with easy access and is custom built for filming. It has been used for many productions from TV to major feature films. 
We have rigged various cranes on the deck. Please call for more information.

The Ecocat is used each year as the official umpires boat for the Oxford and Cambridge boat race and is fitted with a stabilised camera head on the foredeck.

The Ecocat is London based but is also road transportable. She is a wide load so requires some planning but has filmed extensively around the UK including the West Country, Ireland, Scotland as well as venues for the Olympics etc.

Filming Three Men in Ireland from Dublin along the Shannon and onto the Arun Islands.

The Ecocat has been fitted with a rain canopy.

The camera boat was recently rigged with a 3D camera on the bow deck and small cranes.



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